Washing machine Repair

Since the invention of the washing machine, she is an indispensable helper in every household. In the past, for example, you had to wash your laundry by hand and use a broom to sweep the floor. Often, we do not realize how comfortable life has become with all these electrical helpers until they stop working. In order not to have to give up the washing machine for a long time, the repair is an optimal solution. Our technicians work with great care and competence according to the motto Repair is worth it! We handle several washing machine types including Top loading, Front loading, Combined, and compact.

Is the washing machine defective?

Won’t spin, Making loud noise, Won’t agitate, Won’t drain, Vibrating or shaking, Fills slowly, Leaking water, Won’t start, Won’t spin or agitate, Overflowing, Door or lid won’t lock, Stops mid-cycle, Drum not turning, Makes noise, Not heating, Overheating, Stopped spinning, Takes too long, Tripping breaker, Won’t start, Won’t stop.
Sometimes it is just a jammed hose or small items such as buttons and coins that clog the washing machine and cause a jam in the home appliance. The repair service expert will be happy to give you tips on how to prevent such small traffic jams and blockages in your washing machine in the future. No matter whether significant repairs or minor troubleshooting, you will find now the best service for your broken washing machine! Pinpointing the real cause of a malfunctioning washing machine require the experience of a seasoned technician. It is the reason why you should not attempt a DIY on your washing machine. We replace all the parts and carry out maintenance schedules as agreed to avoid future disappointments.

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Common Washing Machine Malfunctions That Need Repair and Their Causes

You need to know the signs of a faulty washing machine to call our technicians before things get any worse. Letting things get out of hand will cost more in the long run when working on the device. Noticing the problem on time will salvage some parts before they are affected. Call us immediately if you notice any of the following.

Your washing machine has stalled

Do not try to force your device to start if it has stopped dead. Some of the most common causes of this include issues with your power source to a short circuit inside the machine. Our technicians will diagnose the washing machine and give you to the root of the problem for repair.

Faulty spinning

happens when you notice several results, including wet clothes at the end of a spinning cycle. The spinning cycle will also sound shaky or out of sync in some cases. You have a reason to worry if the spinning stops and starts on its own, indicating several inert issues. The washing machine may be having faulty wiring a worn out drive belt, a burned out solenoid, damaged lid switch, a bad timer or defective lid plunger.

Agitation issues

happen when there is a faulty agitation unit, worn out drive belt, a defective wigwag plunger, damaged transmission mode lever or broken drive spindle. A bad lid switch, timer contact, or pressure switch will also cause agitation malfunctions. Repair is possible on most of these parts, but some may need replacement if the damaged is too far in.

Abnormal vibrations

Abnormal vibrations are some of the most common problems with washing machines. We do a thorough internal check-up to ensure that the washing machine is not at fault. The most common cause of this is an unbalanced washing machine. The damper pads could also be worn out or damaged, causing direct contact with the floor.

Water Leaks and drainage

Washing machine leaks can arise due to issues such as damaged tub water injection pipes, a leaking pump, clogged drainage hose, loose hoses and excess soap use in the washing machine. The list may cause other issues, but is common to water-related problems in the washing machine. Issues with drainage will also be as a result of a defective pump causing water to remain in the drum, a clogged drainage pipe and a worn out belt. Our technicians will pinpoint the cause of the faulty leaks and drainage and repair the washing machine.

Spots and soap on clothes

It is quite disappointing to find soap and spots on clothes as this can damage your laundry. A defective contact for the timer or a clogged cold water valve with cause excess soap to accumulate on your clothes. Spots are commonly caused by transmission oil due to a damaged transmission.

How does it happen?

Before we move out, let us know by brand and model your washing machine. We will then have the necessary tools with us. We also bring individual spare parts directly or order them on request for you. Our repair service comes to you in the laundry room and checks your machine through. We repair your washing machine directly on site! Our technicians experienced in the field repair of household appliances. We help quickly and cost-effectively. We pinpoint the problem and fix it on the spot.

A technician will tell you what is being broken in your machine. He will give you a binding quote for you. You can accept or decline this estimate. If you refuse, you pay only the approach to our service call fee. If you take the quotation, our specialist will work for you again on the spot. Now one of these possibilities of repair will apply:
1. The fix can take place immediately on site.
2. The technician lacks at least one spare part for immediate repair of the machine. This part orders as soon as possible. The technician will arrange a new appointment with you to repair your washing machine. New arrival of our repair service, is not associated with additional costs for you.

Prompt Appliance Repair team would like to give you some maintenance tips for your washing machine:

– If your washing machine does not pump, clean the lint filter

– If your washing machine rumbles, then please see if it is stable, if not then turn it to your feet

– the washer stops in the program, then please hold down the RESET button for 3 seconds and restart

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