Dishwasher Repair

Nothing beats the convenience that a dishwasher brings in the home. Washing your dishes while sited back or doing other things not only allows you to rest but save time for other chores. A dishwasher gives us the luxury to put our used plates in the designated baskets and turn on the machine. If you own a dishwasher, you do not want to miss it anymore. A dishwashing machine can also be your worst nightmare the moment it starts malfunctioning. It is one of the reasons why you should schedule a maintenance service every other time to ensure that you have a dishwasher that transcends time.

It is vital that you call out technicians the moment you notice that the dishwashing machine is not running as it should. Taking a long time to respond to poor running will easily damage subsequent parts costing more money to have the dishwasher repaired. The fact that it is a complex machine makes DIYs a no-go zone. Tinkering with it could make the situation worse. Our technicians have the right equipment, tools and knowledge to deal with any challenge the dishwasher throws at them.

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Making a loud noise, Won’t drain, Vibrating or shaking, Fills slowly, Leaking water, Won’t start, Won’t spin or agitate, Overflowing, Door or lid won’t lock, Stops mid-cycle.
When repairing your dishwasher, our friendly team will point out that the cleaning of screens and filters is necessary at regular intervals. Cleaning and maintenance of sieves and filters of the dishwasher; Repair of electronics and wear parts; Replacement of pumps and seals of the dishwasher. Furthermore, we recommend our customers various care and cleaning products for their dishwasher so that you can prevent further damage and erosion by lime or leftovers. In addition to contamination by leftovers can also cause defects in components that can reach only the skilled person. Our technicians have the right tools and information required to maintain and repair your dishwashing machine no matter the brand.

The dishwasher turns off after humming

You will need to replace your motor with an original or reliable one the moment you realize that your dishwasher is humming and turning off. The motor seizes at some point due to overuse or damage caused by circuitry problems.

Long washing cycles

Endless washing cycles are not typical and will indicate a worn out timer or malfunctioning thermostat. Technicians from Prompt Appliance Repair will diagnose the cause of the slow runs and determine the root of the issue before giving a solution.

Poor dishwashing at the end of cycles

You may be having blocked spray holes, a burnt heating element, a worn out wash impeller to the damaged pump assembly if you have dishes that are not clean after the end of a cycle. Experts our company will not only restore your dishwasher in case of these problems but also schedule services at our convenience to ensure that the parts don’t inconvenience you over the long-haul.

Water residue in the dishwasher

There are instances when the water will not pump out causing clogged rain line. It could be caused by a clogged drainage impeller which handles the removal of the water from the dishwasher.

The dishwasher does not load water

A dishwasher with this problem will cause excessive loss of water as it will drain as soon as it is filled up. The dishes will also not be clean due to a lack of enough water in the dishwasher. It indicates that the inlet solenoid is defective. It could also be a damaged overflow float switch or the timer. We speedily figure the problem out and make the necessary repair and replacements, no matter the brand we are working with when it comes to repairing dishwashers.

A leaking dishwasher

It is hard to miss the dishwasher leakages the moment they start occurring. It can create a mess on the floor and render using the dishwasher impossible. One of the common causes of leaking dishwashers is the use of the wrong soap or too much of it. Damaged door gaskets, spray arm assemblies, tub to motor gaskets and a leaking drum assembly will also cause leakages.

Why should I have my dishwasher repaired?

If the dishwasher does not work, our technicians are the right contact for a repair. According to the motto “Repair is worth it” Work is done carefully. Repairs provide you with many advantages over a new purchase. On the one hand, repairs make a significant contribution to climate and environmental protection. On the other hand, they save the wallet, as a repair is much cheaper than the purchase of a new device.

Our repair service comes to you promptly, determines the error, and repairs the machine directly on site. We always have the most critical replacement parts for the for different brands. Prompt Appliance Repair offers a repair at fair prices – no matter what brand your dishwasher.
We have the right tools and equipment designed to handle your dishwasher without causing any extra damage or problems after finishing the job. It gives you a form of reassurance that the machine will run for a very long time without any similar issues reoccurring.

Of course, you will receive a quote from us for our services. After the extensive fault diagnosis and your agreement, we repair the dishwasher on site.

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No matter the type of dishwasher you own, we’ll spot the problem and solve it quickly and reliably. Our trained technicians are always up-to-date with the latest technology and prepared for every defect. We repair a variety of brands: Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, GE, LG, Samsung, Awana, Hotpoint, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Bosch and other