Dryer Repair

Life is busy, and every appliance in the home, including clothes Dryer, is designed for the sole purpose of saving time and making life easier, allowing an individual to concentrate on other more important matters. A breakdown is likely to interrupt your day to day activities. Dryers are likely to get worse with time and even damage more parts if not addressed on time.
If the clothes dryer stops working, many think of an expensive new purchase and disposal of the old device. Clothes Dryers work by circulating heated air evaporating moisture from your clothes. We have expertise in fixing both the gas and electric clothes dryer. The electric dryer is less economical than the gas ones but is also much cheaper to install and repair. Gas dryers need a very knowledgeable technician due to their complex nature. We will not only diagnose but also repair your dryer. It is crucial that you call out our technicians the moment you realize that your dryer is not working as it should. Calling in or technicians on time will save you money compared to waiting for a complete dryer shut down.

Dryer Troubleshooting

We strongly advise that you call our technicians at this point to avoid further problems. Addressing issues on time will not only be cheaper when it comes to repairs but time-saving due to faster repairs. As a professional repair service for Dryers and household appliances, we have often had the experience that usually only a small repair or a spare part is needed to get the dryer back on track. Thus you save yourself a lot of costs, a lot of nerves and protect the environment.

Are you looking for a specialist for the dryer repair?

If you have problems with the dryer, our technicians are the right contact for a repair, no matter which manufacturer Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, GE, LG, Samsung, Awana, Hotpoint, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Bosch. Since the purchase of a new dryer can be very costly, a repair is worthwhile in most cases. But a replacement of your dryer protects not only your wallet but also the environment and resources because renovations make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection.

Of course, our staff is well trained and takes care of the dryer repair in an instant. Also, our repair service brings the necessary spare parts, so that the replacement takes little time.

Common Clothes Dryer Malfunctions and Their Causes:

A stalled dryer

The first thing you need to do the moment your dryer stops working is checking whether it is still plugged to the power source. You also need to check whether the circuit breaker has tripped. It is not advisable to out the circuit breaker on as a tripped one indicates underlying problems in the dryer. Calling us to check the thermostat, start switch, or terminal block before you risk the whole machine is wise. All these will easily malfunction and cause a short circuit.

No Spinning action in the dryer

The dryer depends on the spinning motion to ensure that every part of the laundry is heated up evenly for the moisture to evaporate. A drum that does not spin is easy to detect as there will be no rumble in the dryer. The most common causes are a broken belt, faulty idler pullet or a damaged roller.

The lack of heat in the dryer or the dryer gets too hot

The dryer needs to produce heat for the moisture to evaporate from the clothes. A dryer that is not providing any heat, but is spinning could have several issues, including a faulty thermostat, heating coils, fuse or temperature switch. One of the ways to tell that the heating unit is not working is by feeling the temperature of the clothes or when you get clothes that are not drying up. A dryer can also get too hot, which is an indication of a faulty thermostat damaged the heating coil and clogged vents. It will quickly damage your clothes, especially those that do not do well in high heat, causing shrinking.

Cost of the repair service?

It is important to know that we disclose the costs for a successful repair right from the start and therefore does not incur any additional charges. The service call fee is $45 for domestic appliances. However, if you choose to repair with us, the service call fee is waved. We will not charge you for labor if the problem is just with circuit breakers, lost power, a damaged power outlet, etc. Average Clothes Dryer repair prices without parts: $165-245

Are there any hidden or additional costs?
The answer is definitely NO. As already mentioned, all costs incurred for the dryer repair are already disclosed in the offer. So there are no nasty surprises.

IMPORTANT: Before you contact our customer service!

For a smooth process, please make sure that you have the following data ready to hand:
1. The type home appliance (dryer, dishwasher, electric stove, and so on)
2. If possible, please use the device number, type no. and serial number
3. Description brief of the problem
4. Name, address and contact details
Then our technicians can bring along the necessary spare parts. Our employees can also immediately determine with the information about whether special equipment is required for the device to be repaired and bring it along immediately.

Repair is worth it! It is also worth noting that we naturally give assurance to our work.

Should your Clothes Dryer no longer work, the repair is the most sensible solution. Our technicians are well acquainted with most clothes dryer models and will also advise you when carrying out a diagnosis. We always offer you the best economical solution. You can reach us in business hours by calling: (469)476-2025